When the Sparkle started

Do you worry that a life of sobriety will be boring, that you won’t be able to have any fun, that you will have no social life?

Or maybe you’re scared that you will never be able to deal with life’s difficulties if you can’t turn to a glass of something to ‘take the edge off’

I used to worry the exact same thing.

Until I got sober.

And I realised that life is so much more fun when you don’t have to suffer the next day for your fun.

That it is definitely easier to deal with life’s difficulties with a clear head.

That problems aren’t ever solved by getting drunk, they are mostly made worse.

That getting to know myself for who I truly am, and getting to love and accept myself for all the flaws as well as the bits I like, brought me such strength and power.

That I could really SPARKLE in Sobriety!

According to the dictionary, sparkle means “to be brilliant, lively, or vivacious.”

I used t drink so that I could pretend I felt that way.

Sober, I actually DO feel that way!

Not always, I admit. There are days when I feel as brilliant, lively, or vivacious as some soggy cabbage, but that is ok.

Those days pass.

The next day I feel better, and I am back to my brilliant, lively, or vivacious self.

FULLY myself.

Not pretending

Not wearing a mask made of wine


I am me in all my glory and all my flaws

It feels GOOD!!

Bring on the sparkle!

If you want to know more about how you can create a life of sparkle in sobriety, get in touch or take a look here

Esther Nagle

After 20 years of alcohol addiction that she couldn’t and wouldn’t acknowledge, Esther was forced to face all her demons at once when she had a breakdown. This led her to Yoga Teacher training, where she learned to bring her demons out, to talk to them, to soothe them, forgive them and loosen their grip on her life. On October 12 2014, she decided she never wanted to feel the pain and shame of a hangover again, and, by living the yoga she was taught, she has been sober ever since. She is now a Yoga teacher, recovery mentor, author and host of the Sober Living Rocks podcast

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