Episode 17 – Food Addiction Recovery with Rea Bochner

I was delighted when writer Rea Bochner contacted me recently to be a guest on the podcast. I was intrigued to speak to the woman who describes herself Rea did in this bio.

Rea Bochner is a writer, musician, and mother. She has worn many hats in her lifetime, including: a tour guide at Disney World’s “Great Movie Ride”, a story developer at Universal Studios, a special educator, a doula, and once, a kids’ yoga instructor whose class was sabotaged by her own children. She holds a BA in Film and Screenwriting from Emerson College and an MA in Special Education from Montclair State University.

Rea’s articles and short stories have appeared in a variety of publications, including the New-York-Times-Bestselling “Small Miracles” Series. Her short stories, “Exodus,” “Zeller’s Dry Goods and Hardware,” and “The Mustacchi Orchard,” were all featured in anthologies published by Mosaica Press. She spun her beguiling early years of parenthood into a series entitled, “Parenthology: How to Raise Happy, Healthy Babies Without Losing Your Mind.”

Rea has recently published her memoir, The Cape House, which takes place during the last six weeks of her mother’s life and is a story of recovery from compulsive eating and addiction. In this Rea talks openly, with wit and raw honesty about her experiences, in a way that, from what I have read so far, draws the reader in to the story in a very powerful and moving way.

Rea is a witty, passionate, entertaining and moving speaker. In our interivew I experienced such a range of emotions, at one point I was wiping away tears of sadness as she talked about her mother’s illness, and at other points I was laughing loudly (I had myself on mute for most of the time Rea was speaking, so you don’t hear that)

This is a wonderful interview, which will, I am sure, move you as much as it did me. I urge you to buy the book and learn more about Rea’s journey through life. I have got it on my ‘to read’ list for 2017, and will review it here once I have read it.

you can buy the book on Amazon UK, Amazon COM, or through Rea’s website

Esther Nagle

After 20 years of alcohol addiction that she couldn’t and wouldn’t acknowledge, Esther was forced to face all her demons at once when she had a breakdown. This led her to Yoga Teacher training, where she learned to bring her demons out, to talk to them, to soothe them, forgive them and loosen their grip on her life. On October 12 2014, she decided she never wanted to feel the pain and shame of a hangover again, and, by living the yoga she was taught, she has been sober ever since. She is now a Yoga teacher, recovery mentor, author and host of the Sober Living Rocks podcast

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