Life in sobriety is hard and boring, right?  That is what we think, we think we couldn’t possibly enjoy life without the alcohol we rely on to get through life.

How will you deal with the problems life throws at you?

How will you ever have fun?

How will you ever laugh again if you can’t drink?

Sobriety seems like a punishment, our pennance for being unable to manage ‘sensible’ levels of drinking.

I always thought that sobriety would be like torture, that life would be dull, that I wouldn’t be able to cope with the stress of life, and that I would be lonely and miserable.

I was convinced this was the case…..right up until I got sober!

Image result for soberAnd I realised that so many of my problems were caused, not solved by alcohol.

I realised that I could enjoy my own company and the company of others far better when I could remember the next day, and didn’t wake with that familiar self loathing and shame.

I discovered that life is a whole lot brighter when I sleep real sleep, not the passing out drunk I used to consider to be sleep.

I discovered meaning, joy, purpose and connection in sobriety that had been totally denied to me in addiction.

And I can STILL enjoy nights out, dancing like a loon at rock gigs!

Sober Living Rocks, and I want to help you to rock the sober life too!